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In Greece, one national and 13 regional research and innovation strategies for smart specialization were implemented. The National Strategy promotes eight sectors, in which research and innovation could contribute to developing an important competitive edge, whilst taking into account the critical mass and excellence of the respective research potential. The Hub’s activities tackle six of these sectors, i.e.,:

In the 6 aforementioned domains, the DIH offers 8 types of services to the interested stakeholders:

Awareness creation
Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking
Collaborative Researchs
Concept validation and prototyping
Testing and validation
Incubator/accelerator support
Education and skills development

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The Hub’s activities are in line with the National Strategy for RIS3 and mainly facilitate the regional programme “Attica 2014-2020”. The activities of our DIH are in line with the following RIS3 strategies, strategic choices, priority axes and intervention categories in Greece (as these have been identified by the by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Ministry for Education, Research and Religious Affairs):

In this respect, a few examples of services offered (or tools developed to support SMEs or large companies) towards digitising industry are listed below.

1. Integrated Trends Discovery Tool

Client profile: Domino Productions [] Domino Production is a production company focusing on documentaries. Domino’s objective is to produce documentary films, reports and television programs that wake up of the viewers to the social realities – political, economic and/or cultural – of our contemporary times. For Domino, it is essential to reach a broad audience in a positive manner by putting into perspective the work of those in charge of building our society. Domino Production has during all these years coproduced or collaborated with various television in the world such as RTBF, VRT, ARTE, TV5, RTE, ERT, Star TV, YLE, SVT, ORF, RTP, Phoenix TV, LCP, EST TV, PBS Taiwan. Domino have collaborated with institutions such as «Media programme», European Parliament, Belgian French speaking Film Fund (Centre du cinéma de la Communauté française de Belgique) and have benefited from Tax shelter.

Client needs: Domino needs to identify the topics that are most likely to engage the audience during the documentary creation pre-production phase. The ultimate goal is to deliver content that matches exactly what people are looking for. Deciding wisely on the main documentary topic, as well as the additional elements that will be elaborated upon, prior to engaging any resources in the documentary production process, has the potential to reduce the overall cost and duration of the production lifecycle, as well as to increase the population of the audiences interested, thus boosting the respective revenues. In addition, the existence of hard evidence with regards potential audience’s volume and characteristics (e.g., geographical regions, gender, age) is an important parameter in order to decide the amount of effort and budget to be invested during production.

Provided solution to meet the needs: The Integrated Trends Discovery (ITD) Tool, designed and developed by ICCS, aims to support the formulation, validation and (re)orientation of documentary production ideas and estimate how appealing these ideas will be to potential audiences based on data coming from global communication media with massive user numbers. The ITD tool integrates existing popular publicly available services for: monitoring search trends (e.g., Google Trends), researching keywords (e.g., Google Adwords Keyword Planner), analyzing social media trends (e.g., Twitter trending hashtags). In more details, the ITD tool innovations include the following: Identification and evaluation of audience’s generic interest for specific topics and analysis/inference of audience’s characteristics (e.g., demographics, location); Extraction of additional aspects of a topic though keyword analysis, quantitate correlation of keywords, and association with high level knowledge (e.g., audience sentiment analysis); Discovery and identification of specific real life events related with the investigated topic (e.g., various breakthroughs of google/twitter trending terms are associated with specific incidents); Utilisation of data sources that are mainly openly accessible through public APIs which minimises the cost and increases the user base.

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2. Semantic Aware Management of federated Testbeds

Client profile: Hellenic Aerospace Industry – HAI [] HAI was established in 1975 having as its major mission to deliver services and products to the Armed Forces of the Hellenic State. By implementing an extrovert strategy during recent years, HAI has achieved to expand its customer base and to establish itself as a reliable partner of the leading aerospace industries globally. Operating with state-of-the-art production processes and highly qualified personnel, HAI offers high performance products and quality services.

Client needs: HAI maintains a unique testbed platform of IoT enabled unmanned vehicles –UAVs- for research experimentation in aerial environments. The platform needs to support experimenters with smart tools to conduct and monitor experiments in the domains of IoT, networking, sensing and satellite navigation.

Provided solution to meet the needs: The service entitled “Semantic Aware Management of federated Testbeds”, designed and developed by ICCS, equips HAI’s testbed and the respective experimenters to discover and select available resources in order to build experiments. The provided functionalities are related to discovery, booking, provisioning/release of resources, while addressing authentication and authorisation issues at the federated environment. Semantic web technologies are used to describe the federated infrastructures and support the lifecycle of unmanned vehicles.

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3. Social Recommendation and Personalization Tool

Client profile: Motivian (formerly known as VCI – ANONYMOS ETAIREIA KAINOTOMON LYSEON PLIROFORIKIS) [] Motivian was established in 2005 and is considered one of the most successful corporate ventures of mother company Velti – global provider of mobile technology solutions. Motivian was established in order to promote innovation and new technologies in the European ICT Market. Motivian is nowadays the Greek branch of Velti – inheriting in fact the same personnel, technology and knowhow – and provides IT solutions that cover key business activities in various sectors ranging from marketing and telecoms to media and healthcare. Motivian is an experienced designer, developer and vendor of web and mobile solutions with a long list of applications developed either within commercial projects for the company’s customers and as part of customized solutions or even as standalone applications marketed directly by the company in the popular mobile app markets. Focusing largely on research and technological development and the continuous study of the international market, Motivian is always looking for novel means of leveraging the company expertise in web and mobile technologies. Key research interests include among others: novel methods for data aggregation and visualization, alleviating user interaction through intuitive user interfaces for web and mobile devices, and personalized marketing tools and automatic recommendation mechanisms. The realization of the latter leads to fruitful business plans capable of providing Motivian and its customers the competitive advantage in the area of rich media content delivery, while also expanding its customer base.

Client needs: Provide personalized services & recommendations based on social media analytics for online retails and multimedia content applications in order to increase the Quality of Experience (QoE) for its users.

Provided solution to meet the needs: The Social Recommendation & Personalization (SRP) tool holistically addresses personalization, relevance feedback and recommendation, offering enriched multimedia content tailored to users’ preferences. The tool’s functionalities can be used in any type of content that can be represented in a meaningful way, as explained later. The application is thus not restricted to documentaries. The general scope of social recommendation mechanism is to collect and analyze different sources of information considering the preferences of the users with respect to a set of items, aiming to provide rankings and scores on these items tailored to each separate user, in order to facilitate the discovery and selection of items by the end user and improve his / her experience.

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4. Automatic Annotation Tool
Client profile: Flying Eye [] Flying Eye Management Consultants for Media Investments is providing consultancy services to the media market. Special focus is on project management, investment strategies considering technological and economical aspects and research of user requirements, including the analysis and design of workflows. Another specific focus of FE are new developing media technologies and application areas, such as 3D, Ultra-HD, and rich media archives, including advanced search and retrieval technologies. FE is furthermore supporting companies in the strategy and design of products for the media market. FE customers are broadcasters, production and post production houses, as well as leading suppliers of IT and media technologies. FE is working with a team of specialists for specific knowledge areas, and has a close link to universities and research institutes.

Client needs: A software solution for analysing and automatically annotating large video files. Flying Eye’s customers are film producers and editors, sales managers or documentary journalists which need to generate annotations in free-text for the content provided, making the content understandable and searchable.

Provided solution to meet the needs: The AAT tool provides smart multimedia metadating annotation capabilities. The tool exports a lightweight HTTP API in order to provide its content annotation functionalities. Annotations are generated after executing face detection, face recognition and generic object detection to the content. In addition, users can automatically transcribe any video and download a subtitles file. The whole process of the annotation can be configured according to end-user needs by selecting for example which recognition algorithm to use or how the face detection algorithm will be configured, etc. In conclusion, the AAT is a web application which aims to provide annotations based on computer vision algorithms to the content provided.

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